Wrinkle Anti Aging Prevention and Home Remedies for Proper Skin Care

What Are Wrinkles?

A wrinkle is a ridge, fold or crease in the skin and is part of the natural aging process.

Why Do We Get Wrinkles?best anti wrinkle

As people get older their skin becomes less elastic, drier and thinner.

Anytime we use a facial muscle, smile, frown, open our eyes really wide, a groove forms under the surface of the skin…

…When a person is young, the skin is more elastic and springs back, but as they get older springing back becomes less frequent and harder, resulting in more grooves that will remain…

…Repeated extensions and compressions of the skin will cause microscopic injuries and broken elastic fibers causing folds in our skin.

When we sleep our face is compressed against a pillow or bed surface. The sleeping wrinkles can deepen and become permanent over time.

Exposure to ultraviolet light, through sunbathing, outdoor activities and tanning booths increases the chance of developing wrinkles sooner. The UV light breaks down elastic fibers and collagen in the skin. The skin will become weaker and less flexible causing wrinkles over time.

Habits such as smoking and alcohol drinking can increase the possibility of wrinkles…

…Alcohol will dehydrate the skin causing more dryness and regular smoking reduces the blood supply to the skin causing vitamin deficiency and less oxygen. Also, smoking will increase those facial expressions that cause wrinkles every time a person inhales.

Top Home Prevention Methods For Wrinklesanti wrinkle cream

Eventually we all develop wrinkles over time but there are ways we can delay the inevitable:

Avoid excessive sun exposure to the skin. Wear protective clothing, stay in the shade, use sunscreens that block UV while allowing vitamin D to be synthesized.

Quit smoking and use alcohol in moderation.

Use quality moisturizer creams to help the skin from drying out.

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Get adequate sleep. Lack of sleep causes our bodies to produce excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells…

…Proper sleep will also produce more growth hormone which will help skin remain thick and less likely to wrinkle. Also, sleep on your back if possible to avoid those sleeping wrinkles mentioned earlier.

Proper nutrition is very important. Eat fish high in Omega-3, which helps nourish skin, other good protein sources like chicken and lean meats and fruits and vegetables which contain antioxidant compounds that can fight damaged cells. 

We Have Wrinkles, Now What. The Best Anti Wrinkle Home Treatments

  1. First, continue all the prevention methods mentioned above. This will help slow down the formation of more wrinkles and keep the existing wrinkles under control.
  2. Use quality moisturizer, night creams and cleansers such as This Skincare Kit Containing All Three 
  3. Consider using creams containing Retinol A, a natural form of vitamin A. I have tried these but found them to irritate my skin. You have to start off very slowly and allow your skin to get accustomed to it, plenty of daily moisturizer will help.
  4. Take a collagen supplement. Part of the reason wrinkles develop is because collagen breaks down as we get older. Collagen supplementation, found in any store vitamin section,  is more effective than a surface treatment found in some lotions.
  5. Apply homemade face treatments such as pastes. My favorite paste involves mashing  a ripe banana, adding olive oil and keeping it on my face for about 30 minutes. I’ll then wash it off with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer.

Medical Alternatives To Home Remedies

There are medical procedures, such as laser surgery, botox, face-lift, injection fillers, available…

…but this article is more for home remedy and low-cost alternatives. These medical procedures will cost a lot of money, may require time off from work and involve time to recuperate.

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